🛡️Meta Shield

Meta Shield

Meta Shield is the crucial audit mechanism for the 0 GAS service on the GasZero platform. When users initiate transactions within any dApp, it triggers a comprehensive assessment by Meta Shield, which includes the following:

  1. Dynamic policy at the first level: Filters out users engaged in fraudulent activities or operating multiple accounts.

  2. Application whitelist: Checks if the user initiating the transaction is whitelisted by the dApp.

  3. Credit oracle: The primary logic of the reputation system evaluates the user's historical on-chain and off-chain behavior data to assign a comprehensive score indicating their quality as a user.

  4. Dynamic policy at the second level: Offers more flexible customization options, such as the daily upper limit for the platform to bear transaction fees.

  5. Contract whitelist: Checks if the user interacting with the contract is whitelisted.

By comprehensively filtering through these steps, the system determines whether the initiated transaction qualifies for the 0 GAS fee standard. If it meets the criteria, the platform covers the GAS fee for that transaction; otherwise, the user is responsible for the GAS fee. When a new user enters GasZero without prior on-chain or off-chain data, they can be added to the 0 GAS whitelist using the whitelist functionality.

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