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Free for All, All for Zero.

Story for GasZeroใ€ŠFree For All, All For Zeroใ€‹

Since ancient times in the continent, there is a species of sea turtles. After mating on the west coast of Africa, they travel all the way across the South Atlantic to the eastern coast of South America to lay their eggs.

This is a story of species evolution driven by geological changes over time.

Approximately 120 million years ago, the sea turtles didn't have to undertake long journeys. They only needed to swim across narrow straits each year to lay their eggs. However, when the continent of Gondwana began to split, the movement of tectonic plates pushed them to swim a bit further each year. The small incremental distances accumulated over time, and now these sea turtles have to travel over tens of thousands of kilometers to lay their eggs.

The sea turtles may not have been aware that every step forward was propelled by the forces of natural evolution. It is a grand yet silent power.

There are always people who habitually question the idea of changing the environment or rules, dismissing the pursuit and exploration focused on small matters. If no one paid attention to those seemingly "insignificant details" and put them into practice and research, civilization would not become a guiding beacon of progress, and dawn would not be the ultimate reward for perseverance.

A butterfly flapping its wings, an apple falling on one's head, a keypad-less phone, a recyclable rocket... These were all initially "just so" things. It was the realisation of immersing oneself in the dust, engaging in each endeavour, that allowed them to rise with the wind time and time again, stirring up storms.

We are GasZero, dedicated to providing a free blockchain network for billions of users. The 0 Gas Fee infrastructure will completely transform the Web3 ecosystem, accelerating the evolution of new species and paving the way for super applications.

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