GasZero - The Gas-Free blockchain network

GasZero is the Layer 2 gas- free infrastructure of zk-rollup, dedicated to enabling seamless migration from Web 2 users to Web 3 without any barriers.

What is GasZero?

GasZero is a layer2 blockchain network that charges 0 gas fee for trusted end users. For a smart contract that deployed on GasZero, users do not need any token in advance in their wallet to interact with the decentralised network. This is particularly useful when adopting new users from the web2 world using the MPC-AA wallet with social login function. Moreover, in such environments a user's lifecycle in dApp is largely extended as the gas fee cost takes a very small or zero proportion of an individual's crypto investment.

Vision and Mission


Bring next billion users to web3 with the enjoyment of 0 gas fee and frictionless interaction experience.


Affordable | Overall gas fee down 100 times via zk-rollups

  • Gas-free Tx for end users;

  • Lower cost paid by dApp developers;

Defensible | The network robustness is enhanced via GasZero Shield & ID

  • Extra layer of protection for RPC node;

  • Verified identity across the ecosystem;

Justifiable | Faster & better decision making for gas fee management via Credibility Oracle

  • More new users and longer retention rate with 0 gas interactions;

  • Credibility evaluated based on both web2 and web3 data;

How to achieve 0 Gas in GasZero? [Summary]

  • In the GasZero network, 0 Gas refers to the exemption of Gas fees for trusted end users in transfers and contract interactions.

  • The exempted Gas fees are recorded on the network and covered by dApp developers or GasZero itself through Infra Fees.

  • If a user's transaction doesn't meet the criteria for Gas fee exemption, they can still choose to pay the Gas fee themselves to complete the transaction.

When users initiate on-chain interactions in GasZero, their MetaID, MetaShield, and Credibility Oracle are comprehensively analyzed to determine if they qualify for Gas fee exemption. This analysis includes factors such as:

  • Being a contract whitelist user.

  • Not being flagged as a malicious attacker or spammer.

  • Having interactions with different EVM chain assets.

Users who meet the requirements can enjoy the benefit of Gas fee exemption (with customizable options for specific timeframes, frequencies, and contract interactions). Note: GasZero's 0 Gas solution differs from the AA wallet's delegated payment approach. It operates at the node level, providing a higher level of flexibility and security. It also offers a better user experience compared to the pay-first-reimburse method.

Why Choose GasZero?

0 Gas Fee Ecosystem:

  • GasZero embraces the concept of 0 Gas Fee throughout the network, aiming to find the best use cases in the industry and minimize the barriers for web2 users to enter web3 by integrating wallets and payment gateways.

  • GasZero's comprehensive 0 Gas solution operates at the network node level, offering a higher level of customization compared to other Gas Fee delegated payment solutions. It provides a significantly better user experience than the pay-first-reimburse approach.

  • Enhanced Security: The MetaShield product developed by GasZero network is specifically designed to enhance the security protection of RPC nodes in a 0 Gas environment.

Superb Compatibility & Scalability:

  • GasZero utilizes zkEVM for Rollup, allowing for easy and fast deployment of any EVM contract with minimal code adjustments.

  • ZK-Rollup offers advantages that Op-Rollup lacks: increased security, trustless operation, and faster withdrawals.

  • GasZero will adapt to more optimal solutions based on the progress of zkEVM in the industry, considering factors such as development compatibility, ZKP costs, and developer migration costs, among others.

  • In addition to its own Layer2 network, GasZero will collaborate with ecosystem partners to propose more customized solutions. For example, partnering with the MPC-AA wallet Particle to enable seamless interaction for end-to-end wallet users, launching 0 Gas zkEVM application chains with ZK-RaaS provider Opside, and introducing 0 Gas Supernet in collaboration with renowned project Polygon.

Exclusive Game Industry Rollup:

  • The 0 Gas Fee interaction in GasZero is particularly suitable for scenarios involving low-value, high-frequency virtual item trading, small asset orders, and complex contract interactions, making it a natural fit for the web3 gaming deployment.

  • Built by gamers for gamers: The GasZero founding team has extensive experience in developing and operating complete blockchain and GameFi projects, with a clear understanding of the pain points faced by GameFi builders in user acquisition, retention, and community operations. They provide a range of developer tools to assist project teams in quickly building and maintaining their projects.

  • GasZero's strategy focuses on expanding high DAU (Daily Active Users) chains before expanding TVL (Total Value Locked). The founding team, supported by rich resources from investors and capital partners, has been involved in investing in over 300 game studios and possesses abundant gaming IP and distribution resources.

  • GasZero will collaborate with venture capitalists, exchanges, and Fund of Public Chains (e.g., Polygon Ventures) to establish a dedicated incubation fund, aiming to discover the next super dApp in the 0 Gas ecosystem.


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